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Official Description

The PA-II-SD is an air quality sensor that measures real-time PM2.5 concentrations for residential, commercial, or industrial use. Built-in WiFi enables the air quality detector to transmit data to the PurpleAir map, where it is stored and made available to any smart device. For locations with limited or no WiFi access, the PA-II-SD PM2.5 measurement detector incorporates an SD card and real-time clock, allowing the sensor to record and store data locally.*


We have four sensors as of current.
PS00: 84:F3:EB:D8:93:4D is on the southeast corner of the building close to the 00LOVE uplink station.
PS01: 84:F3:EB:D8:92:53 is on the EOAS instrument deck. It is installed on the disdrometer/optical rain gauge pole.
PS02: 84:F3:EB:6E:86:B4 is located in the EOAS electronics lab
PS03: 84:F3:EB:D0:77:74 is located inside EOAS on the southeast corner of the 6th floor by the large window and stairwell.


Voltage = 5 VDC : 600mA peak
Wifi = b,g,n @ 2.4GHz
Controller = ESP8266
Memory = 16 Gb MicroSD