EOAS Scientific Instruments

OTT Parsivel2

Figure: Sensor heads w/ heating screens
Image Parsivel_gauge

Official Description

The OTT Parsivel 2 is a laser-based optical system for complete and reliable measurement of all types of precipitation. The size range of measurable liquid precipitation particles is from 0.2 ... 8 mm, for solid precipitation particles it is from 0.2 ... 25 mm. In the process, precipitation particles can have a particle speed (rate of fall) of from 0.2 ... 20 m/s.

Figure: Functional principle of optical detection
Image laser


Place as you would a standard rain gauge. There can be no obstructions normal to the sensor.


Voltage = 24 VDC ; 4A
Serial = RS-485
Protocol = CR-ASCII:SDI-12:Pulse
Bus Addr = 0
Fuse = 4A
Baud = 19200
Format = 8N1
Flow = No Hard, No Soft