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Figure: Measurments in mm.
Image OSI_Rain_gauge

Official Description

OSI's optical precipitation sensors measure rain and snow by detecting the optical irregularities induced within the sample volume by precipitation particles falling through a beam of partially coherent infrared light.


Recommended 2M off the ground, far from obstructions. Place as you would a standard rain gauge. There can be no obstructions normal to the sensor. NOTE: This legacy sensor is operating, but needs to be re-calibrated. Data from this sensor is not for research use. Please use the WxPro Weather station data.


Voltage = 11 - 16 VDC ; .4-.8A
Serial = RS-232
Protocol = OSI-ASCII
Fuse = 1A
Baud = 1200
Format = 8N1
Flow = No Hard, No Soft

Image OSI_block_dia