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Figure: Lightning Network VLF Antenna, GPS, & Amplifier
Image WWLN_antenna

Official Description

University of Washington in Seattle operating a world-wide network of lightning location sensors at VLF (3-30 kHz). Most ground-based observations in the VLF band are dominated by impulsive signals from lightning discharges called “sferics”. Significant radiated electromagnetic power exists from a few hertz to several hundred megahertz, with the bulk of the energy radiated at VLF.


Place in area with full sky view (for GPS)) furthest away from large motors (elevators and exhaust fans) that produce VLF noise. Washington will alert us if the spectrogram is too noisy in any location.


Voltage = 120 VDC ; 60Hz
Serial = USB
Protocol = Custom (uses SSH)
Website = http://wwlln.net/
Remote Contact = Dr. Bob Holzworth - bobholz@washington.edu
Local Contat = Dr. Henry Fuleberg - hfuelberg@fsu.edu