EOAS Scientific Instruments

EOAS Seismic Well - STS-5A Seismometer

Figure: Bob Hutt and Grad Student with seismometer at well head
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Official Description

The Streckeisen STS-5A seismometer was lowered into a 143ft deep well drilled by GFA International and is capable of detecting ground motions from earthquakes as small as magnitude 5 on the other side of the earth (and much smaller earthquakes if they are closer). Earth movements are detected by the seismometer and converted to a digital signal by an external digitizer: the Quanterra Q330HR data logger.
Dr. Joe Steim, Quanterra Inc’s owner, presented the seismometer and Quanterra Q330HR data logger to Dr. Hutt as a retirement gift in April 2017.


In a borehole that is drilled to the bedrock. Southside, EOAS building, 30ft West of the PVC hydrowell head.


Voltage = 120 VAC
Serial = custom
Protocol = custom
Logger = Quanterra Q330HR data logger
Data Portal = https://www.iris.edu/hq/
Remote Contact = Dr. Bob Hutt - huttalbq@aol.com